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RE: SCR Question
I guess I over estimated Rawze's response. Hahaha. Oh well.

For the OP and anyone else reading,
How ever this guy perceive my tone is not my concern. That's an internal voice he's gotta listen to. I'm here to help and that's it. I have no need to fight, bicker or belittle people.

As far as the tune, he wasn't concerned about it because he hasn't read and learned what I have over the last 2 years I've been on this site. I bring it up because if all he has around him is crappy pickup tuners, it's not an unreasonable jump to assume he used one of these guys to do his. And anyone on here that's read about these guys knows they are garbage at what they do and shouldn't be anywhere near a commercial engine. I also bring up the tune because if it wasn't done by the best on the planet (the few recommended names from Rawze himself) then it cant hurt to have a copy pulled and sent to Rawze to have it checked for safety (I believe at zero cost). Just because an engine made it 200,000 miles doesn't mean it's not trying to cook or eat itself alive and drastically shorting that million + mile goal for most owners.

What the OP wrote lead me to believe that if they skimped on the SCR can being hollow might also lead to the rest of the cans only being half taken care of. Like putting a few holes in them or only punching out some of the materials instead of completely hollowing them out. Knowing what I know now, I would've pulled that entire system down out and made it right. Including the SCR can. If I didn't own a welder, I would've bought one (I did) or taken the can to someone to weld it for me. Because then I know the system was taken care of. Plus while I was at it, I would've been able to get at and address other possible problems or maintenance while those pipes were out of the way. There is A LOT more to owning a truck than hauling whatever freight your getting paid to move.

The OP said the guy looked hungover. When I see some one doing a lazy "hungover" job I get pissed. I worked damn hard for my money. I don't let people take my earnings to not hold some drunk guy accountable for his personal choices. Letting that crap fly has cost me thousands in the past and I'll be damned if I'll let someone's good time shi#t all over my business and families source of income.

Over the years of being an O/O I've had enough big name "good reputation" half assed shops steal my money to the tune of 10's of thousands of $$ by doing crap jobs that I had to pull back apart and redo myself. This includes redoing most of an engine swap, a clutch and transmission, 1 rear, and numerous other things. All done by different "good reputation" shops. So now I try to push people/owners to get full control of there businesses and do all their own repairs. It can all be tackled. Doing this will pay off more than most people understand. Not just money wise, but knowledge, confidence and the ability to not let any part of equipment surprise you. So you can use all that unused energy in other parts of your business and life. That knowledge and unused energy will carry a person for years if not a life time. It takes time and even more sacrifice to learn a lot of this stuff (and there is a lot) but I can say 1st hand it pays. My life is now way more manageable and dare I say easier since finding this site and Rawze's attitude and take on this whole O/O trucking racket. I try to repay some of this by helping others with what I know and have learned.
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03-16-2020, (Subject: SCR Question ) 
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RE: SCR Question
(03-16-2020 )Chamberpains Wrote:  ... (I believe at zero cost).

everything I do is for free and there is no interest it for me, hidden or otherwise. it is simply a hobby. My truck makes me my living.

i simply and genuinely try to help others so that they do not end up like the person a month ago on here with the blown head gasket or torn up engine before its due time because they had too much faith in what someone else did.

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