Crankcase fumes
05-22-2020, (Subject: Crankcase fumes ) 
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RE: Crankcase fumes
"my only oil leak is from Jake brake plugin on side of head."

I think that is your issue, that plug can really stink you out, that and the oil pressure sensor. On the Jake, where it plugs into the head, use some Permatex around the plug, I had the same issue, no more stink.
05-22-2020, (Subject: Crankcase fumes ) 
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RE: Crankcase fumes
(05-22-2020 )5022 Wrote:  ...
for some reason the woven stainless downpipe would be smoking like a toker. Put three down pipes on it to no resolve

That is a common problem with prostars. I have helped many people resolve that issue. The problem is that you have to remove the hard-pipe at the front of the DPF canister, remove the hangar at the mid-point, and then disconnect the flex pipe right at the back of the doser pipe and remove the whole long section hard-pipe, flex section and all out the rear of the truck as a single piece.

Once you get it out you will see that the split at the end of the woven stainless flex pipe has a huge gap in it where it attaches to the hard pipe. You have to shove it further onto the hard pipe to get a solid seal, tighten it up good, and then re-install the whole section, connecting it at the back of the turbo, and then the mid-point... - Once it is back in place, you have to then loosen the entire DPF assembly and shove it forward to mate up with the back of the hard pipe, re-aligning all of it properly. - It is also a great opportunity to do an exhaust wrap on the entire section of pipe while it is out.

- it is actually not a whole lot of work, is easier than someone would think. I have done it a few times with people.

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