CM870 questions
06-10-2020, (Subject: CM870 questions ) 
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CM870 questions
I have a couple questions,

1: is CT the best option for viewing and sending ecm programming information? And can I upload new programming to my ecm with it?

2: ive identified a bad injector (as per the injector test video), is there a way to test a used injector before i install it on my engine, and can i use a CM871 injector on my CM870?

06-10-2020, (Subject: CM870 questions ) 
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RE: CM870 questions
* DO NOT change injector part#'s. If you put in different injectors, they require different ecm programming, and if you do not have matching injectors from one cylinder to the next cylinder, your engine will run unbalanced and that causes excessive wear somewhere internally. It sounds like your trying to jump over a dollar to save a few pennies. That or you have no knowledge that those different injectors ARE VERY DIFFERENT FROM EACH OTHER!. Different spray patterns, different chamber sizes, some require different pistons or cam profiles, .. all sorts of variations. Just because they fit in the hole, does not mean they are even close to being the same! - BAD BUSINESS DECISIONS WHEN PEOPLE DO THINGS LIKE THAT!

(CM870's only here)...
* CT can be use to UPLOAD/COPY a program out of a CM870 ecm .. but it absolutely SHOULD NOT BE USED to send that program back in. CT does not pull a completed image of the ecm 100% properly (a CM870 issue), and a chunk/block of data is always partially missing. This means that if you copy the program out, then send it back,.. you have a HUGE CHANCE of corrupting the ecm and it may not run right. Sometimes you cannot see what happened right away, sometimes you may loose the gauges in the dash of the truck, them not working correctly, or you may even brick the entire ecm. CT can be used to pull the program out and inspect it, e-mail to to someone for review, checked for safety, etc.. but it should not be used to put the program back in unless you are willing to heavily hand edit the raw file data to re-construct the missing chunks (not easily done unless your a familiar with working on raw intel-hex data formats).

- Most people resort to editing factory files and flashing them in with insite on the CM870's as this presents the least chance of corruption. Even so, there is only one version of CT that I have seen that can edit factory original (incal) files without corrupting them. That is version 3.17 (made in 2017). Any other version, and your pissing up-wind and taking huge chances that any 870 file you touch with it can get damaged. CT has had an issue with this for many years, it is well known, and the version 4.x and above versions of CT are known to corrupt the 870 files too.

- Last, but not least,.. there are some settings in the CM870 in particular that are only located in the ram memory of the ecm. You can pull the files out of that ecm till you are blue in the face and flash it any way you like, but those ram memory settings will not get set properly, nor will their settings be in the file you copied out. - It takes editing the ecm live and being connected to it to set them and CT is the program to use, but you have to know which ones to edit to get it right if a 'delete', or re-doing one is the goal.

here is some related info:

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