DPF filter took a dump
06-27-2020, (Subject: DPF filter took a dump ) 
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RE: DPF filter took a dump
Hello everyone, I put everything back together with a new dpf and went on a test driven.
While bobtailing everything was okay. I hooked up with my trailer to go get loaded and while driving through the mountains, both egr lights on the dashboard came on.

The truck was running a little bit hotter than usual, all though that could be just summer.

I got a load of cherries, out of Washington, gross loaded scale is 71,000.

Well, pulling the mountains out of Washington did something, both dashboard egr lights turned off and the "regen required" light turned off!

Truck is running smooth with the exhaust note a bit throaty and a boost of 28 psi with the magic plug disconnected! Also mpg has increased by about ½ per gallon, although that is a bit to early to tell.

Basically the truck is back to normal, that is, what was normal for this truck before.

Some things I discovered. Bulletproof EGR cooler is leaking, the EGR valve is cemented shut with concrete made from soot as aggregate and coolant, the binder.

In other words, there was a massive chunk of coal behind the block-plate, while right past the block-plate, the IMAP sensor was completely clean and soot free!

In other words, I'd lost this engine a long time ago if it wasn't for the block-plate.

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