06-17-2020, (Subject: New TIRES! ) 
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(06-15-2020 )Brock Wrote:  Fucking oilfield!

Welcome back man, hope all is well!

Dude, we were set, had a gorgeous two bedroom condo with a garage 1 mile from work, only a few years old, wood flooring, insulated for Alaska, a balcony, cool neighbors, I was going to retire there! BOOM! Saudis and Russia hit, and then this stupid covid bs... We would have stayed if just the oil hit, I think we would have survived that, but the locals in Dickinson went hog wild on this covid bs. We were lucky to get out by the skin of our teeth. Totally destroyed me financially, this will take at least two years to clean up. Dumping the unemployment monies into the truck, screw the bills, not my mess.
06-22-2020, (Subject: New TIRES! ) 
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These Dayton tires are pretty good, very smooth ride, and it appears my fuel mileage is going up. And they cost roughly the same as those junk tires they replaced. Really impressed, and they look good too, like a real tire.
 Thanks given by: SquareOne

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