New truck new blog.
06-25-2020, (Subject: New truck new blog. ) 
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RE: New truck new blog.
(06-25-2020 )Explosia Wrote:  
(06-25-2020 )marek4792 Wrote:  So cruising at 1800 rpm about 85mph

(06-25-2020 )marek4792 Wrote:  Boost is between 28-32lbs depending on egr operation

Jesus....I think your payments will outlast your engine
i think I should of clarified that's max boost. Cruising boost is 8 to 20 pounds depending on conditions, load and terrain. Going 85 though this was the only time and legal opportunity for me to see how the engine operates in a higher speed condition. Not an ego stroking thing I don't care about that just merely showing my results from it.

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