Installing a KILL Switch and Alarm...?
08-18-2020, (Subject: Installing a KILL Switch and Alarm...? ) 
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RE: Installing a KILL Switch and Alarm...?
So, if I was rewiring my truck I'd go with 2 shutoff solenoids. 1 feeding power to the sleeper and 1 for the rest of the truck.

Multiple benefits to this approach:

Security. Unless they know where to find the switch they ain't going nowhere.

Power in the sleeper when you're parked.

No parasitic draw from any other systems, while still using power in sleeper.

If you use a solenoid with a remote switch you could hide that switch just about anywhere. Solenoid itself can be anywhere you want too, though it's best protected from the elements.

I'm using this:
INTELLITEC 00-00507012

The switch is purchased separately. I got it from Amazon.

May not fit your usage, but figured I'd throw it out there.


I'm actually implementing this type of system in my own tractor. I have one solenoid right now that disconnects the + cable coming off the batteries. I'll soon be adding a second solenoid. The original one will power my inverter directly to the batteries and the new one will cut off all other power for the truck from the batteries. Lets me keep my fridge running while the tractor (and all the parasitic junk) are powered down. Hadn't considered using it as a security measure, but simply hiding the tractor power solenoid and switch should do the job nicely.

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08-19-2020, (Subject: Installing a KILL Switch and Alarm...? ) 
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RE: Installing a KILL Switch and Alarm...?
I didn't even think of the solenoid/issolater route, and I have one on a remote in the truck right now... Always good to ask a question like this here!

Here is what I have in the sleeper...

I have the sleeper pretty much disconnected from the rest of the cab to save my batteries the extra work. We are thinking alike...

This isolator, it has been trouble free for a few years now, would be easy to mount up in the cab, under the cab or under the hood.

I could install it in my sleeper easily, run the main starter cable into the sleeper to the isolator and install my remote switch. Either the key fob remote or a hidden switch, power to turn the isolator on and off would come off of my house battery in the sleeper. Only takes a few volts to trip the isolator.

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