Installing Solar on the truck...
09-23-2020, (Subject: Installing Solar on the truck... ) 
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RE: Installing Solar on the truck...
(09-22-2020 )JimT Wrote:  Keep updating this thread once in a while. I think I'm gonna follow your lead in a few months and do the same with my rig. Would love to see the long term results.

I will, I'm sitting here making hot water for coffee, 0400, parked 9 hours and 45 minutes ago. I ran the APU for around an hour to get the sleeper nice and cool and then shut her down, it has yet to turn on since. The batteries are normally drained by now, with the solar keeping them topped off going down the road all day long, it is getting rare for the apu to start, unless I physically turn it on. When I took ten, pre solar, it ran ten hours straight, at nearly a gallon an hour... Say $20 a night savings, that starts to add up quickly. Speak of the devil, now she is firing up... Nope, that was the neighbors truck, LOL! Batteries are sitting at 12.6 volts right now.

Another thing I did too, was take the electronics I use in the sleeper off of the ignition key switch. My key in the dash is in the OFF position, not on accessory. But my desktop is running, typing on that right now, refrigerator is holding at 38*, cabin fans are running, inverter is running to make the coffee, lights are on, etc. I use the desktop for a radio/TV and or an iPad with a bluetooth speaker for entertainment.

Well, the ELD is telling me I have to go to work... Excelsior Springs, here we come!

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