Another CM871 bad delete ...
09-08-2020, (Subject: Another CM871 bad delete ... ) 
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Another CM871 bad delete ...
Here we are yet again ... Someone sent me the file out of their (CM871 engine) truck today. Here are the highlights of what I have found ...

* First and foremost, according to the enigne ser#, it is a CPL2733. Someone Complete moron has jumped CPL's with it and put a CPL3749 file in it, looks like in the attempts to "up the horsepower" improperly. -- NO WAY are these even remotely compitable. The charge air cooler, turbo, exhaust, injectors, -- nothing is compatable with this program for that enigne and truck an y more. This is mistake #1 and it can cause fuel efficiency losses, it can make the turbo do strange things causing harm to the engine, etc.

* Next, there is absolutely no engine mode control corrections... This thing is going to be in a constant state of confusion, will be running in the wrong engine modes all the time, including over-spooling the turbo all the time to warm up an exhaust system that it can no longer control or see properly. - A Typical and classic mistake of a bad delete programs. A person would think that after all these years the CM871's have been around and all the years I have been yelling at these ignorant tuning guys to always adapt the the engine mode control logic to run the engine properly after those systems have been removed, you'de think I would not see any butchering this bad these days,,. but I guess there is an idiot around every corner with a laptop still... it is sad to see.

* No re-programming of the turbocharger has taken place... this thing in s=destined to blow the guts out of the turbo from over-spooling and also cause hell in the combustion chamber from running too lean all the time.

* Injection timing is still factory and assumes EGR gas is still present. This is harmful all in itself, as those settings absolutely require EGR gas for them to be valid... this thing is definitely harmful to the cylinders and pistons... it is destined to crack a piston or drop a liner from all the excess friction with it set like this.

* NONE of the egr systems have been switched off... the ecm is screaming that it is in trouble, but most of the fault codes have been blocked from showing up in the dash .. again, a sign of a jerk-job, amateur, half-baked delete program straight off of one of those gawd-awful auto/truck tuning forums. Not even the Doser injector was shut off.

* Aux. emissions systems are all still active, causing all kinds of havoc in the combustion chamber and screwing with the power, etc.

* Someone also manually turned on emissions limiting control overrides and set it to 4 grams/hour .. this is going to screw with the power and torque, etc. to try to make emissions any way it can. I have not seen anyone do this before.. was it an attempt to get the engine NOT to blow itself up? -- I can only imaging this setting it going to screw with everything including injection timing, etc..

* Many of the restart limiters and shutdowns are still active for the emissions system components. This could make someone have a really bad day and think the ecm died if one of those disabled systems shorts out or something and since most of the codes have been blocked from showing up, the thing is just going to die and not give any codes for it. - this is no way to re-program an ecm at all and can cause someone a hell of a lot of grief in the future at some point.


All in all, it looks a lot like someone tried to copy a Mexican egr-only emissions 871 program settings and blindly dump them into an emissions truck program ... they did a terrible job of it and then went about screwing with it a bit further. This program is definitely harmful to the turbo, the engine itself, and it does not match the truck at all.

-- Another fine example of bad deletes seen daily around here.. it is truly sad... and people wonder why their engine and/or turbo does not last but 25% of its expected lifespan... then go about blaming the equipment instead of the moron who did this to some truck owners ecm.

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