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RE: Bobtail insurance
(10-18-2020 )LRT1549 Wrote:  
(10-17-2020 )Waterloo Wrote:  It will also depend on what state you are in, that same policy here in Michigan would be triple what you are paying, at least for my zip code. Progressive? Forget it. Last time I received a quote from them it was $14,000 for the year. I told them I needed bobtail, not cargo, that was the bobtail on just the tractor, my current tractor, I passed.

I used to insure the tractor and two trailers through Progressive, brand new equipment, for $775 a year with a $250 deductible... That was for three pieces of equipment, Volvo 780, Conestoga Wagon and a Great Dane Dry Van... Every state is different, unfortunately.

Also the main reason I do not own a POV, the insurance here in Michigan is as much as a car note, I don't need a vehicle right now, will soon, just not right now. I will wait for used car prices to come down before purchasing something, and plate and insure it in South Dakota. Michigan has gone off the rails.

True but most are very close. I think Michigan is like it is first because of their insane weight laws, and second you damn near can't drive a mile on any of their roads without either losing parts off your vehicle or risking losing control...

Only good thing about Michigan roads is that you use half the tire wear per mile.... Why because you tires are only on the road half the time, the other half they are in the air from bouncing over those crap roads...

I use First Guard, have for a long time. I have 35 on the truck and 21500 on the trailer plus Bob tail for 220 a month. The lady who does my auto and rv insurance also does big truck insurance. She fell out when I showed her the policy and price. And she's a insurance goddess that works her tail off to get a great deal for her costumers. Everyone I have told about their prices switched to them because they beat who they were with. But I might be wrong but I think you have to be leased to someone not a independent.
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RE: Bobtail insurance

You are about right. Their roads feel like old rail roads with the rail removed and we are driving on the cross ties.

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