Oil sample help
12-01-2020, (Subject: Oil sample help ) 
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Brick Oil sample help
My brother is looking at purchasing a 2015 international ProStar with a little over 400,000 miles on it this is the most recent oil sample they have done a little samples at every change this is the most recent one what do y’all think?

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12-01-2020, (Subject: Oil sample help ) 
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RE: Oil sample help
The first report page shows a hell of a lot of wear vs. the miles on more than one sampling.

The last one shows more normal.

oil analysis aside... pull the valve cover and inspect the overhead cam.. look in the engine for the wear during a purchase... instead of looking at numbers that anyone can skew. _ I would put little faith in oil samples towards purchasing equipment... Actually check the thing out ans see what shape it is in instead.

You also did not mention any details about the truck, its engine, etc... as a whole... OR its intended operations ... That is way more revealing and important about what shape it might be in and/or if it is properly spec'd for its intended freight etc. than just looking at oil samples.

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