2016 prostar with cummins isx15
12-21-2020, (Subject: 2016 prostar with cummins isx15 ) 
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RE: 2016 prostar with cummins isx15
pacar trucks, pete and kw, are fine. not really worth the upcharge if you ask me (and I own a pete), but nothing that stands out as bad. sourcing parts outside of a dealer can be a little tricky, but they do exist. Actually, most pacar branded parts are just 3rd party parts with the pacar name slapped on it.

As for your actual question, regarding the pacar engines. Might be a few people around here that can give you some insight, but I have no knowledge of those engines. I've heard some praise them and others curse them, just like cummins and detroit and volvo and... One thing is pretty much guaranteed though, you will be at the mercy of the dealer to service them. And around here the dealer is considered the worst group of parts changers you can find. Although around here many (most?) people like their Cummins engine because they can actually work on it themselves, if they choose.

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12-22-2020, (Subject: 2016 prostar with cummins isx15 ) 
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RE: 2016 prostar with cummins isx15
Thanks you all.
I do like the prostar with the Cummins.
Will keep looking for better gears and try to find a 12 speed auto.. had shoulder surgery doc said try to find auto.
Will reach out when i find a truck and ask advise for sure. Good form here. i am thankful for all the input really I am. First time buying my own truck so thank you all.
Any thought on a build please let me know.

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