egr question
01-05-2021, (Subject: egr question ) 
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egr question
Hello Fellas

I have a question regarding a cm2250 450 horse on this motor would it be possible to 1 disable egr and 2 disable def injection while leaving the cans in place? I know the def injection works with SCR, would there be any repercussions to leaving the SCR can in place and just turning off the def injection?. This partial demandate should not affect the dpf from what I understand, is that correct? My work situation is very particular and I need to keep the cans in place and the stack clean. Truck has around 225k mostly local but heavily loaded miles. I run short OCI's due to the nature of my work and oil analysis so this is in no way me trying to get around proper maintenance, fuel pump already has updated plungers. I am just looking to make this motor as reliable as possible and keeping the internals clean. This is my first emissions truck that I was forced into by my piece of garbage local gov. otherwise 3406e has been my workhorse. While I am not new to wrenching on class 8 diesels I do appreciate this forum as it has helped my tremendously getting my feet wet with these new-to-me emissions systems.

Thank you.
01-05-2021, (Subject: egr question ) 
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RE: egr question
Those systems are not nearly as simple as your post implies. If it were a simple matter of turning things off and not altering hardware, people would have done those things a long time ago.

Turning off the EGR...
The regen system along with a lot of other things would not work properly, exhaust temps could not be regulated, and the DPF would clog up after a few weeks, etc. - Turing off the EGR makes less soot.... but ALL diesel engine produce soot... and that DPF can is going to collect it. No EGr = NO regen cycle = a clogged DPF filter.

Turning off the DEF usage is also not possible while leaving everything in place. It causes issues with the SCR system as a whole after a while.

FYI: (assuming for a moment you live where such things are legal)...
-- The EGR, emissions, DEF, etc. system requirements can be scaled back though it will not likely pass if inspection if tested. Everything can be made more lenient without removing anything, it has been done many times w some of the ppl on here. Every time someone does this though, they end up having a delete done anyways due to still having to chase the systems issues, they just happen less often is all. It solves nothing towards having to do regular tune-up work, keeping sensors clean, keeping soot out of the oil by adding a bypass filtration system, etc.... it only reduces the issues and DEF consumption a bit.

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