Kenworth smart nav acting up
03-27-2021, (Subject: Kenworth smart nav acting up ) 
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Kenworth smart nav acting up
None of the buttons or volume knob does anything. Only the power button turns the nav off and then it comes back on.

Touch screen on nav works. Digital gauges don't work, they display but the needles don't move. Radio works but can not adjust volume with knob.

Tried unhooking batteries for awhile. No change.

Any ideas??

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03-27-2021, (Subject: Kenworth smart nav acting up ) 
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RE: Kenworth smart nav acting up
Mine in my T680 locks up from time to time i just hold power button till it does a power cycle then works fine...theres 2 persay plugs on the radio and 3 antenna connections 1 plug goes from radio portion to touchscreen other plug is huge square with a buncha wires for power and whatever else. could start there the plug comes out by releasing a levered handle that then pushes the plug out of the radio....maybe this handle has come loose and a couple of signal wires are not getting good connection?

or could be the radio is dying. which in my case will be the day i probably replace it with a 7" touch screen radio but not from KW because im guessing the cost of replacing these fancy smancy parts goes deep into the $1000s.

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