Preventative Maintenance for ISX w/ 500k
09-30-2021, (Subject: Preventative Maintenance for ISX w/ 500k ) 
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Question Preventative Maintenance for ISX w/ 500k
I just bought a 2016 KW 680 with 559k miles on it and I plan on leasing it out. It has an ISX in it that has all the original aftertreatment devices on it. I am prepping it now so I can incur the least amount of maintenance bills as I will be putting it under a $ per mile maintenance agreement where I cover all the costs as long as repairs are done at my facility or approved by me when on the road. My question is: what should I do to this truck now to minimize my potential costs later?
  • I know you have a procedure for minimizing aftertreatment costs. I believe it entails cleaning the EGR system and thoroughly and replacing the IMAP, EGR differential pressure sensor, and exhaust backpressure sensor. Did I miss anything?
  • I've heard that the viscous vibration dampener should be changed at around 500k miles is this correct?
  • How do you feel about replacing rods and mains as a preventative measure?
  • We have already replaced the fuel pump tappets and I'm going to run an overhead, drop and bake the DPF and DOC, and perform the normal PM stuff (ie oil change, diffs, transmission service, air filter, air dryer, etc..). Anything else that you recommend?
09-30-2021, (Subject: Preventative Maintenance for ISX w/ 500k ) 
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RE: Preventative Maintenance for ISX w/ 500k
Best thing you can do to lower the costs? ... is get in it and drive it yourself!.... that is the only way it will be taken care of even in the slightest!. All I see is someone leasing it and beating the living s#it out of it.. because all repairs are essentially FREE!!!... and runing it into the ground at your expense!

AND.. WHAT guarantee and compensation/reimbursement of "Up-Time" do you have? on a truck that has more than half its useful life gone already>? .... How do I know it will not be perpetually sitting down in a repair shop somewhere while my customers are screaming for their freight?.. and what guarantee do you have for a replacement truck while its being repaired if and when it does break down!?

(To answer your question though)...
Regardless on leasing it or driving it yourself, ALL TRUCK OWNERS SHOULD ...

gather and follow, to the letter, a solid and proper maintenance schedule. All equipment has one by the manufacturer.. and if the truck makers maint. schedule falls short then you need to add in all the component makes recommended schedule to it. Follow it without being lazy and the bulk of issues will be kept at bay.

Here is a fine example of a proper maintenance schedule for a truck ... It is for my prostar. I follow it it religiously .. and the fleet of more than 5,000 trucks that I am leased onto also follows it on all their company trucks too.

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