Fuel Additives
11-01-2021, (Subject: Fuel Additives ) 
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RE: Fuel Additives
Mines just a 3/4 ton (Cummins of course)
I use it every few months just to keep the water/alge out of the tank
And I stay far away from the biocrap fuel, I know alot of the times you guys get stuck with it
11-04-2021, (Subject: Fuel Additives ) 
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RE: Fuel Additives
(11-01-2021 )GhostHauling Wrote:  .... i can only imagine most guys are trying to do whatever they can to prolong their engine life ...

Have faith that big oils competition is VERY VERY stiff. They have to keep high quality products or entire countries will literally seize up with mechanical failure.

The hands down beat thing you can do to prolong the engines life is keep clean oil (change it frequently and filter it properly), clean fuel (filter the hell out of it) and don't use more power than what is required to get the job done efficiently (keep your foot out of the throttle)
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11-05-2021, (Subject: Fuel Additives ) 
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RE: Fuel Additives
Well I agree with everything you said except for these fuel stations aren’t always in the business of competition or care about quality and with the ISX we all know the fuel pump can be the end of some engines and I personally I am always concerned with the quality of the fuel and undue burden on my fuel system fuel pump and injectors and up north where I live and travel even further north fuel In the winter is a problem And changing the oil and hoping the fuel is good I guess is one way to do it but I simply try to do as much research as possible and find an additive that will do the job the problem is finding The right additive And I’m not one to trust the bottles claims I want to see lab results and other peoples personal experience

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