Air filter banging and lossing power while cold outside
11-24-2021, (Subject: Air filter banging and lossing power while cold outside ) 
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Air filter banging and lossing power while cold outside
Hello everyone, I’m really stuck, getting no clue from even mechanics too. It’s DD 15, 1,07**** KMS. It is deleted(D*f) truck. I noticed after 250-400 kms travel in cold weather( -1 to -9 *C ) truck gives jerk. Like engine brake on. while driving, i turned engine brake off and ON but it still show problem. Then next time, I cancelled cruise still same thing. It happened for 5-10 mins then normal for some 20-30 kms then again same problem. It happened to me 4 times in this month. Always, I saw outside temp is in - negative degree celsius. 3rd time, when this thing happened to me while at 105 kph i put truck in neutral and press the accelerator pedal fully, I noticed rpm gauge fluctuate between 16-19 for 5-6 sec and banging sound came under hood. Then normal for 30-40 kms then again same thing. Afterwards, positive temp outside and everything gets normal. Today i stopped the truck while this happened to me. I pull over and opened the hood and pressed the accelerator pedal, i saw air filter made odd noise and air filter case(black body where we but air filter) made bubble when that sound came. Then it normal for around 40 kms then again same thing. Second time when i pulled over for it. Again AIR FILTER case made bubble and it made 6-7 time then normal for 400 km[delivery location]. And while that travel time temp become +ve degree celsius. It LOSE POWER like 2-3 kms on FLAT ROAD. UP hill turbo works great. When it was happening, uphill became in the way and while crossing uphill truck behaved normal.
- When first time happened to me, I thought might be for air filter and i changed AIR FILTER.
- Throttle valve works great.
- deleted at 1 million now 1,07*****
- dpf guy have experience. He did to 6 different truck to my contact they drove more than 600000 kms no issues
- TODAY i heard twice sound of blast from passenger side, (there was no snow at road).
Thanks to all for giving your important time.

11-24-2021, (Subject: Air filter banging and lossing power while cold outside ) 
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RE: Air filter banging and lossing power while cold outside
bad delete programs will run the enigne in the worng operating modes. Detroit bad deletes are notorious for engine getting stuck in a hgih altitude operating mode and over-spooling the turbo like mad.

Also, what you describe sounds exactly like the engine is still trying like h#ell to rapidly warm-up the exhaust canisters (as it is supposed to do with its origional factory programming).. and it is getting stuck there because it cannot read the DPf sensors any more.. This is the engine running in the wrong operating mode and getting stuck there. It is a very common problem with bad delete programming. Running it like that will eventually lift the head/gasket, crack a piston, or destroy the turbocharger.. take your pick.. all while the truck owner "Swears" it runs great for the first year or 2 after the horrible delete job was done to it.

PUT THE FACTORY PROGRAMMING BACK IN IT, take it on a test drive, and see if the problem goes away.

Bad deletes are a plague in the trucking industry!.

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