Let's give some
12-23-2021, (Subject: Let's give some ) 
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Wink Let's give some
Hello all. I've been a member for a while now even before the changes on this website( I know I am not really active and I wish I had more time)<--- not a good excuse but truth. I bet a lot of guys feel the same way. I just wanted to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to the one and only RAWZE. All of us here (even the nonmembers lurking in the back) got tremendous amount of knowledge and useful info for FREE. There is no other place like it. NONE.
If it wasn't for Mr. Terry I would never know that I am doing something wrong and that people that I am using as TUNERS are just slamming garbage into my costumers trucks claiming its the best thing on the market and NO , NO way that the TUNE is causing the problem. ( Even the biggest names and SuperTuners)
NOW its almost Christmas and whether you believe or not in Christmas spirit its the perfect time to donate to this great SITE and support it .
Whatever your donation may be it will "sure help keep the lights up" here
Let's start giving a little.
Just donated ;)
Thanks Mr.Terry

Ps. Merry Christmas to you all
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12-23-2021, (Subject: Let's give some ) 
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RE: Let's give some
woow, thanks.. {as Rawze gets all gooey on his insides}.

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