CM870 no start
04-19-2022, (Subject: CM870 no start ) 
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RE: CM870 no start
(04-19-2022 )tsolson Wrote:  ok thanks Rawze.

I'll have to get a borescope to take a look. The valve spring looks normal, and the spring retainer doesn't look damaged at all.

I'm unsure of the actual hours on the head. I know it is not the original, as it's unpainted, so it's been changed before. the previous owner said it had been rebuilt and he had put around 2000 hours on, but i don't have any documentation for that. I've put about 3000 hours on the truck since I've owned it.

It’s not the valve spring it’s the point of removing the valve spring to have the valve stem exposed so you can inspect it of being damaged, being etc. but the borescope will tell you a lot face it to the valves and pistons and than if all looks well with the rocker shafts, rockers etc place them all back along with a new cross head and new exhaust plunger actuator that sits on the valve for the engine brake torque it all down run overhead make sure to check running clearance on engine brakes. Than once all that is done rotate the engine till the exhaust valves are all the way down and borescope it once more if all looks good you should be ok.

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