X15 FC 4747 - Intake NOX?
05-06-2022, (Subject: X15 FC 4747 - Intake NOX? ) 
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X15 FC 4747 - Intake NOX?
Got a code come up on my 2018 X15 Performance 565 that I picked up from the telematics. This is that X15 if people were following my other thread that I have been unable to connect insite to with the Inline 6/backbone. I've got a friend who works at a shop who has a nexiq, so I'm waiting to try that original Nexiq and see if it's just an adapter issue.


FC 4747 - Aftertreatment 1 Intake Oxygen Sensor - Data Not Rational - Drifted High
Effect - None on performance

It looks like there's no other codes, so it's pointing to an Intake NOX sensor replacement which seems easy enough to do. It also says that if it completes 3 trips with the internal diagnostics passing, the code will eliminate. I am out of town till Sunday while the truck is working. With Quickserve saying "none on performance" for effect, I'm thinking it's okay to run it for the two or three days? Also - Any experience in the group here for the code, the troubleshoot tips are basically saying replace the sensor (or intake and outlet if there are other codes, but only the one code shows up for now).
05-06-2022, (Subject: X15 FC 4747 - Intake NOX? ) 
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RE: X15 FC 4747 - Intake NOX?
it could be ...

* a bad NOx sensor.

* exhaust leaks.

* buildup of dried DEF crystals in the exhaust or decomp tube.

* EGr system leaks, or stuck egr valve can cause this fault too... anything that causes the engine to run too lean.

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05-11-2022, (Subject: X15 FC 4747 - Intake NOX? ) 
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RE: X15 FC 4747 - Intake NOX?
It was the EGR valve reducer hose. It started leaking quite a bit today, but no code came up. The code cleared by itself a few days ago, figured it passed the test internally after 3 trips, but the it started leaking a lot out.

THanks for the tips Rawze.
 Thanks given by: Rawze

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