05-20-2022, (Subject: THINGS TO LOOK OUT FOR ENGINE YEAR 2016? ) 
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(05-20-2022 )ElJay90 Wrote:  All i needed to hear rawze! Thank you!
I plan on sticking to the 400 to 450 hp range with either 10 speed or 13 speed. For 10speed your recommend 3.79. Is 13 speed requirements different? Thank you

find a truck with the right sleeper height vs. the type of freight you will be hauling. Also make sure it has a set of 3.55's, or maybe 3.79 rears, or something better unless you are going to heavy-haul with it (above 80k).

Above 80k, it needs at least a set of 3.90's, or perhaps 4.11's, or if your going really heavy, maybe even a set of 4.68's or something. .. depends on the type of freight you are going to haul.

In other words.. an improperly spec'd truck is going to break you, plain as that. Any equipment needs to be properly spec'd.. and anything with a set of 3.36's or higher is going to have half the engine life as anything geared right.

read thru all the links i posted above. See what i have mentioned in the past on these subjects and what to look for and expect when getting a used truck. It is not all glee and shiny smells.. it is a serious thing to purchase an expensive piece of equipment .. and any mis-matches, you will regret it because it will take money away from your net profit margin by a whole lot sometimes.

What kind of freight do you plan on hauling?... regional?, local?, OTR?,.. off-oads?... construction equipment?, RGN?. dry-van?. flat-bed?. car hauler? .. etc.etc. ... all of those things make a big difference on what specs are needed.

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