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(05-20-2022 )ElJay90 Wrote:  I plan on hauling local (150 mile radius). I am hauling containers from Port of LA and long Beach. 98 % of the time i will be sub 80k pounds. I want a sleeper for comfort only. Sometimes i wait in the Port for hours. Coffin or studio doesn't matter.

Then it will be doing a lot of city + traffic and the like. You want something geared low so that it can handle the constant start-stop type of strain and conditions, etc. - you also want some extended life steer tires, as they will get eaten up by all the hard right turns vs. a highway truck that goes for hours on end every day on the interstates.

Personally, if I found myself in that situation and were going to use my Prostar for local/regional, I would put/want a set of 4.11's in it right away. This is so that it had a whole less strain on the engine and drive train dealing with the stop-n-go short haul types of loads and so that I could get it up and doing and on the move into that city traffic on/off ramps, etc. without too much hassles. I would also want something aero and with a short wheel base + tight turn radius to deal with deliveries and those tighter fit situations too. ... but that s just me.

That region you are in.. you will also want to ensure it is always emissions compliant.. because those ports do random inspections. This means keeping after that emissions system like a hawk yourself + investing a few hundred $$$ into an adapter and a laptop for dealing with engine and emissions issues , etc.. BEFORE they plague you so that it does not run you into the ground. You are also going o want to invest in some sort of anti-theft device or anti-theft trick, because those ports where you are at, people steal trucks all the time there.

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