Rawze's EGR tuneup
09-14-2022, (Subject: Rawze's EGR tuneup ) 
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Rawze's EGR tuneup
Just wanted to say thank you for posting those videos! Very helpful as I will be tackling that same set up in a few days. Questions that I may have.

When cleaning the parts, how did you clean the inside of the tubes? Carb/choke cleaner or carb/choke cleaner with a brush?

Do you recommend replacing all the sensors with new ones or are there sensors that i can just clean and get away with? What sensors would they be?

On the Peterbilt, you didn't clean the EGR Valve, but should I attempt to clean when doing the EGR Tuneup?

I have a Kenworth T660, ISX15 CM2350 with 757447 Miles. In frame was done at 650000 (ish) Miles with a new turbo and actuator about 4 months ago. Unplugged the (magic) plug just to get me back to Tennessee, so I can work on it. still derated at 25%, But no stop engine code, so I'm thankful.
09-19-2022, (Subject: Rawze's EGR tuneup ) 
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RE: Rawze's EGR tuneup
* all new sensors if they are old.

* clean out the EGR valve if it has not likely been done in the last 400+k miles or so.

* carb/choke cleaner is fine for pipes.

* Check the circuit that runs thru the thermostat housing for the exhaust pressure sensor too while you are at it.

* Inspect and clean or replace the Doser injector while at it too.

* replace the DPF Delta-P sensor and inspect its cross-tubes + connecting joints for cracking / rubber cracked, etc.

* If it has been more than 250k miles, maybe pull the DPF and DOC filters, take pics of their faces, and send them to an OEM facility to have them baked, de-ashed, and flow tested .. then do a DPF replacement procedure in Insite software to go with it.

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