Doc Face Plug Clean?????2
11-14-2022, (Subject: Doc Face Plug Clean?????2 ) 
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RE: Doc Face Plug Clean?????
It only costs a few hundred bucks at a stealers#it to have them properly baked, de-ashed, and flow tested if you pull the cans yourself and take out yourself.

And without a thorough EGR tune-up on the engine.. your wasting your time any ways.. the ENGINE is what makes the soot and excess soot problems .. not the DPF can.

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11-14-2022, (Subject: Doc Face Plug Clean?????2 ) 
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RE: Doc Face Plug Clean?????2
Mr Rawze, speaking the Gospel.

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11-15-2022, (Subject: Doc Face Plug Clean?????2 ) 
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RE: Doc Face Plug Clean?????2
(11-14-2022 )lesvraissavent Wrote:  I have Intake Manifold Pressure Too high code, Nox Conversion Low and Poor Def, I was recommended egr clean, before that I went to DPF specialist to change outlet nox sensor because it was drifting and he ran a regen and he keeps saying the numbers seem correct and that I don’t need a egr clean up, but what caught my attention was the high doc inlet pressure on my truck as the regen started it was at 1.595! I don’t know if it went down or not at the end of the regen but assuming it didn’t go down, plugged doc could be causing intake manifold pressure too high? As well as nox conversion low? And poor def quality?

I insisted maybe I need doc face plug cleaning again the dpf professional said, I didn’t see anything wrong and he doesn’t believe I need doc cleaning.

If I do doc face plug cleaning is there a risk to that?

Could this be the solution to temporary fix?

He said egr was not acting up and temps were good so I don’t know if I should clean egr first or do face plug cleaning

I’m going to attach some pictures of the numbers at the beginning of the regen where you can see the doc inlet pressure at 1.595 which is high I wasn’t able to see the ending numbers so I don’t know if it went down or not.
The numbers will seem correct to someone that doesnt know or dont care
Do the numbers ever go in the negative? if so replace it you can not have negative nox its not possible.
Also you will have to literlay watch the nox like a hawk, "drift" the reading might spike or drop for maybe 2 sec thats all it takes to get that code
Poor def and the nox conversion codes are being caused by the nox sensor reading
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