CM 2250 wiring harness
11-24-2022, (Subject: CM 2250 wiring harness ) 
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RE: CM 2250 wiring harness
(11-24-2022 )BigHarvey56 Wrote:  
(11-24-2022 )tree98 Wrote:  What happened to the 3406E ? That's a hell of a durable engine.

It has water coming out the exhaust when the the cooling system is pressurized and then it must have filled a cylinder with coolant because it hydro locked the engine and also had water in the oil. So I live in California. A previous owner installed an aftermarket DPF and that allows me to operate the truck in the north half of the state and only the north half. Sure I can run it out out state but that is not how my operation works. I contract with Cal Fire and need to be able to run the whole state if needed. So ultimately I just wanted to update it and to be able to go where I want or need to.

Putting the 2250 and full aftertreatment system in it is 100% doable, especially if you have a donor. You will need to be very fluent at reading diagrams and understanding the full operation of this engine and aftertreatment system. But as Rawze previously stated. You better be on your A game and make sure to take no short cuts at all. Ill give you any guidance i can and so will a few more here but you have a long ass road ahead of you.

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