How much is too much??
12-28-2022, (Subject: How much is too much?? ) 
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Thumbs Down How much is too much??
Just got my truck back from basically an out of frame. New block and everything else except crank and cam. My question is how much oil pressure is too much if there is such thing. Before I would get about 20-25 idle 30-35 running. Now I get 30-35 idle and 40-45 running. Cummins cm2350 demandated (the oil pump was replaced 2 years ago so I didn’t get new one this time)
12-29-2022, (Subject: How much is too much?? ) 
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RE: How much is too much??
Sounds like your oil pressure was shi#t before and is great now. Before you were getting cm871 oil pressure in a cm2350 and now you have good oil pressure. My question is if they were able to use your old oil pump, crank, and cam im assuming your old bearings were good..... So what was the change that gave you good oil pressure? And what failed in your old engine
01-01-2023, (Subject: How much is too much?? ) 
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RE: How much is too much??
Depends on what kind of shape the main and rod bearings were. I can see a decent jump with fresh bearings happening.

Partially plugged main oil rifle?
Oil pump spool regulator scuffed?
Pickup tube oring deteriorated?

Really hard to say without looking at your old block/parts.

There was a TSB out for the oil pickup tube sucking small amounts of air due to a rubber p-clamp rubbing a small hole on the tube, but I'm sure they used the old one and it's fine.
01-03-2023, (Subject: How much is too much?? ) 
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RE: How much is too much??
Not sure what changed for the better pressure but I like it better than it was before. If I remember right I wanna say I read something, maybe even on here, about shimming oil pump with 2 dimes or something like that. Maybe that’s the difference, not really sure. I just mainly wanted to make sure that when it showed over 45 psi during that cold snap the other day that it wouldn’t cause any damage.

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