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(06-01-2023 )RByrd Wrote:  I finally got the truck to our yard. It is the "accessory relay" in the passenger dash fuse panel. The relay heats up warmer than the others. Everything works fine for a while (sometimes an hour, sometimes 6 hours according to driver) I only got it to "trip" for me 1 time and as soon as the relay cooled off, everything came back on. I know this accessory relay provides power to the power mirrors, cb, 12v plugs, bunk a/c blower, 5th wheel slide control, and air suspension control. I replaced the relay with new and sent him 70 miles up the road to get some other parts and test drive and he said everything shut off twice in the 140 mile round trip. Is there a way to get the wiring diagram for this relay or does anyone know where it gets it's power from? All I know to do is start at the source and work from there? I'm assuming it's a bare wire somewhere?

Put an amp meter on the circuit.. see what is drawing too much power.

If the A/C blower motors run thru that circuit, that would be one of the first places to look.. as they are notorious for drawing too much current when they start going bad. maybe Unplug both motors and then see if it still acts up?.

the wiring diagrams are online for free from navistar. Be sure to choose the right one that matches the vehicle...

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