Metal in oil pan and oil filter
01-12-2024, (Subject: Metal in oil pan and oil filter ) 
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Metal in oil pan and oil filter
My friend found some stuff in his oil pan and oil filter any thoughts on where it might be coming? Cm2250, 2011 Peterbilt, big tier, de-mandated.

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01-13-2024, (Subject: Metal in oil pan and oil filter ) 
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RE: Metal in oil pan and oil filter
== copy the program out of the ecm and e-mail it to me. More than 90%+ of all delete programming is harmful to the engine and causes progressive damage. This need to happen regardless of what caused that failure.

== looks like the engine is toast. Everything in that engine is most likely going to be scared, pitted, or destroyed. pulling crank and rod bearings, inspecting the face gears, pulling out the oil cooler, and taking apart the oil pump will reveal how much damage there really is.

If I had to guess it, it is most likely a fuel pump failure due to total neglect/ lack of servicing it every 400k miles like it should have been.

. Take the fuel pump apart and see if its guts are chewed up. The fuel pump guts need replacing every 400k miles (or 8,000 hours) to prevent total engine destruction that looks exactly like this. It is a well known weakness of the fuel pump that causes total engine destruction, and this weakness exists in ALL common rail ISX engines.. even the newest models.

It is also VERY VERY difficult to get all the metal shavings out of the engine once this happens.. even if it can be saved. It only takes a few flakes of metal somewhere to block an oil passage or to get into something and start the destruction all over again.

Let us know what you find and what the actual cause was of you can.

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