X15 calibration change
04-15-2024, (Subject: X15 calibration change ) 
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X15 calibration change
Hi rawze, thanks for letting me be apart of this forum!
I have a 2018 w900 with an x15 efficiency series CM2350a
500hp 1800ft lb calibration
CPL 4342
We are looking to turn it to 565 and wasn't sure if the calibration file for a 4343 @565hp 2050tq would be acceptable in it. From looking through the build lists of the two motors it looks like the pistons. Any insite on this would be greatly appreciated. Truck is going to start hauling trains and he is an owner operator who is also has alot of mechanically sympathy.
04-16-2024, (Subject: X15 calibration change ) 
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RE: X15 calibration change
You can speculate and wish all you want to but...

CPL 42343 is NOT compatible with CPL 4342!!!>

A person cannot just willy-nilly look at garbage data from those incal disks, and/or look up a few part#s and make blind assumptions like that!>

== Compression ratio between these 2 CPL's is different. This means that ALL of the settings for fuel-air mix, combustion, etc.. are going to be incorrect, and this causes fuel efficiency losses + eventually will cause harm to the engine over time.

== Turbocharger requirements and settings are different. Using the wrong program will eventually cause harm to the turbo / shorten its lifespan.

== Intake, exhaust flow, engine brake, and all air flow estimates are different. Again ... efficiency loss and eventual engine harm.

YOUR ENGINE is a MID-TIER ENGINE!!!>>. - It is a H#ell of a lot cheaper to re-gear the rear ends than it is to make the most expensive item in the entire drive train work harder. If you want to haul heavier freight. then CHANGE THE REAR ENDS OUT FOR SOMETHING MORE SUITED to the weights etc. instead of trying to torture your engine.

Also... adjusting the torque an ANY MODEL ISX!!!... from 1750/1850 to 2050 shortens its overall lifespan by about 400,000 miles on average. ALL of the torque in every single 2050 program is only ever in the bottom end of the RPM band, where it DOES ABSOLUTELY THE MOST HARM! .. lugging the engine to death!!, and it makes no difference whatsoever in the 1500 - 1900 rpm range where the engine should be run when working hard, except to shorten engine life.

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04-29-2024, (Subject: X15 calibration change ) 
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RE: X15 calibration change
I appreciate the response rawze, I will definitely relay it back to the driver that he is better off staying where he is at power-wise and to consider re-gearing his truck. I thought there probably were more differences to the cpl numbers than I was able to see but figured you would be the guy to confirm that with. Thank you!

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