Isx oil psi help
05-14-2024, (Subject: Isx oil psi help ) 
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Isx oil psi help
I noticed at times more than often I am at 13-14 at idle, 32-33 running down the road. Just rebuilt 33,000 miles ago, it’s been using oil. I have put almost 3 gallons in 10,000 miles, last oil change it used around 2 gallons, aftermarket head and aftermarket rebuild kit. {name removed} I believe. Would it be worth taking it back and having it checked or am I just hallucinating? Not running hot. Not using coolant.
05-14-2024, (Subject: Isx oil psi help ) 
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RE: Isx oil psi help
Sad indeed ...

The issue is that you used all after-garbage components.

What do you expect?. ... You most likely got what you paid for ... JUNK!!!>

Here is a fine example of that particular brand of products:

How much do you want to bet that if you plastigauge all of the rod/main bearings pistons, etc.. that they would all be the wrong clearances + the tolerances be all over the place.

I have see it too many times, and this would explain why your oil pressures suck and your oil consumption is excessive!. The engine is most likely bleeding oil internally everywhere due to after-garbage component clearances .. especially by those clowns at the brand you mentioned.

So.. My advice is that if you want to fix it.. overhaul it again before it throws a piston thru the block due to low oil pressures and excessive clearances ... and this time .. use ALL oem parts + taking no shortcuts at all, ... including only using a brand new OEM head.

Here is how it should have been done .. and anything less = nothing but garbage and a regrettable headache...

This is what we call someone JUMPING OVER A DOLLAR TO SAVE 10 CENTS!.

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