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Full Version: Prime Pump wont stop after 2 minutes
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All , 2002 CM570 Serial 14025823
I just had Gearhead shop tune new Reman Ecm , on my way south in Texas check engine turns on No Oil pressure!!
Pulled over shut off engine, hooked up Insite high temp and high Voltage. Harness connection was the problem, $720 New harness.
Now I a new problem Prime pump stays on Continuously, I unplugged connection at pump and this morning I plugged in pump without turning Ignition switch and still pump has power going to it!
Any help ls better then None.
You need to find out if the ecu is commanding it to be on, or if it has a short in the wiring harness (or ecu plugs) somewhere.

A bad wiring harness can also damage an ECU. Does it stop running when unplugging the power feed to the ecu?
It shuts off when I unplug signal wire from Ecm harness to pump harness!
Harness is one week old , and it literally started happening as I tightened bolt from harness to ECM.
I have Insite program, where can I go there to monitor?
I got it figured out,I plugged in wrong harness connection to Prime pump harness.
New harness came with many extra Deutsch connectors.
I looked over old harness and found my mistake, All is good. Gearhead ECU tune is Awesome, fuel Mileage not good because of Winter wonderland in Minnesota and Midwest.
Thanks for the help.
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