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Full Version: This dang freightliner
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(04-29-2019 )Unilevers Wrote: [ -> ]there is a calibration to zero out the delta-P sensor on some newer detroits. But by changing it you would have made it drivable to get it somewhere though.
Dang man I wish I would've known that ahead of time I went ahead and ordered the laptop cable once I get back to Florida I'll figure something out for the software so if I ever run into something similar I'll be prepared. Thanks for the input
(04-29-2019 )Chamberpains Wrote: [ -> ]You can also change your view on how you look at working on your truck and your free time or home time. Instead of looking at it as more work, start looking at it as a time to experience things with your family. Do what many of us do, drag your wife, girlfriend, kids, friends,... Hell everyone that you can find in to help you. it not only helps to get the job done and make it more fun it's also a lifelong experience that people will pass on that they had with you. Don't be ashamed of trucking and wrenching on your truck. Some of the best stories people tell are with me and when we're wrenching on things. I know of countless people that grew up working with their dads on trucks and it's some of their fondest memories. Why not pass that along?

I guarantee if you ask my girlfriend what a "tarp patching party" is, she'll laugh and tell you what it is and how it's done. I've caught her laughing and telling her friends what all it entails. You wouldn't think a nurse would be laughing about having a bottle of rubbing alcohol, vinyl and vinyl glue as a good time. But she sure does.
Thanks man that outlook definitely makes a difference that's what I'm here for positive ideas Haha where did you get your software from? I ordered a cable just trying to figure out that part I've seen some $80 stuff on Ebay idk what the licensing means or if it's actually needed but if not $80 seems fair to me
I haven't toyed with the dddl stuff. I know they sell all the pirated software on eBay and Alibaba. I think if its not posted as DDDL version whatever, it'll be posted as a group of heavy duty truck diagnostic software. Just figure out what you need for your truck and search it out. It's all out there. Don't let your business and lively hood be held up by anyone. Your a business just like a stealership. So you should have the exact same access to their tools. Go get them.

You more than likely won't need any software that will need a subscription. So do your homework and figure out what versions will work for you without sub fee's.
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