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Full Version: Burning coolant
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Well looks like my 2019 X15 565 hp with 125K mi. is burning coolant. Guess I'll start by pressurizing the cooling system to 20psi and visually check the EGR cooler, doser injector(actually I don't think it has one), and turbo for signs of coolant. Any thing else I should be doing??
yeah, that looks like coolant.

you'de be lucky if it has not ruined the precious metals inside the DOC element.


most likely its the egr cooler seeping with only 125k miles on the engine.

also, has it shown up in any oil samples?. Is intake sensors and piping crudded up?
Trace amounts(25ppm) of potassium had shown up in oil samples but it was less each sample. Also the lab(horizon/amsoil)listed potassium as a possible coating on new bearings, I thought maybe that's what it was since it's a new engine and the number was tapering off(started at 33ppm)

I changed all the sensors about a year ago they looked normal, haven't taken them back out yet, all I did so far was drop the cans.

I've been chasing external coolant leaks on this thing for a while. I've probably added a little more than a gallon since it was new. I'm pretty sure whatever is leaking has been since it was brand new.

If the EGR cooler is just seeping, will I be able to catch it with the dish behind the cooler test you did in your video? I know Cummins sells test strips that supposedly find traces of coolant but I've heard those aren't exactly reliable.

I've been watching the aftertreatment history it hasn't been to bad considering this truck idles a lot. Usually a bunch of high 1's and low 2's. I would have thought if coolant was plugging the DPF the numbers should have shot up ??

Oddly enough, I had a 2018 isx12 that ended up needing an egr cooler, it also leaked from brand new. I thought these new coolers were damn near bullet proof??
(03-30-2021 )tree98 Wrote: [ -> ]... I thought these new coolers were damn near bullet proof??

Not if it was in a bind when they installed it.... or of the block settled and put it in a bind.

(03-30-2021 )tree98 Wrote: [ -> ]...
If the EGR cooler is just seeping, will I be able to catch it with the dish behind the cooler test you did in your video?

should be able to if ya let it sit all night w 20 psi on it , yeah.
How is your overflow tank level looking? Does it seem to be at a different level every time you open the hood?
Uuuuhhhh, maybe but doesn't move much
Gotcha. Just was curious approaching 275k miles and fixing to pull the filters off for servicing pretty soon.
Only had a few minutes in the shop this morning before I had to head out but i stuck my fingers in the back of the EGR cooler...... nothing, dry as a bone. I even put the front end of the truck up on 8" blocks just to help give it some gravity.

Cooling system been on a regulator for about 14 hours 20-22 psi, had more external leaks of course, I don't know what it is with this thing wanting to leak all the time.

So anyway my plan now is to take the air filter piping off from the turbo inlet when I get back this afternoon and look for coolant.

If I don't find anything there, I guess maybe I'll try driving it with the pressure gauge on the cooling system and see if I can see a fluctuation in pressure while idling or under a load ?? Any other ideas?

I'm praying there's coolant in the turbo at this point.
did you buy this truck new, or used?

maybe the coolant problem was solved before you purchased it?
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