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Full Version: A/C Machine Conversion
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I came across an old Robinair R12 A/C recovery, recycling, recharging machine. The machine is compatible with R134A freon that I would use it for. My question is, can I flush the R12 recovery tank and use it for R134A or are the tanks totally different?
Should be fine if you can flush the tank. Prolly not gonna be an easy task.
Yea I'm not afraid of a little work if its going to save me buying a new tank. Thanks for the input!
Can use 20 lb propane tanks too.
(05-28-2021 )smorgan87 Wrote: [ -> ]Can use 20 lb propane tanks too.

How is that done? Does the tank need to be modified? I've heard of the idea before but never saw how it's done.
Change the valve on top.
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