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Does anyone know how to avoid sales tax on a truck purchase in Indiana or Florida?
Ya, fill out the proper form to be tax exempt in that state. Most states recognize the MC # or the PUC # as the reference number of the tax exempt status. If you're a lease operator you may want to have a copy of your lease agreement in hand to go with the form. But I find most of the time it's not needed until you're dealing with the DMV for apportionment and plates. I find it strange that most equipment salesmen don't deal with companies being tax exempt. But if you print of the for and have it filled out for them to keep on record they should not charge sales tax if you are indeed exempt.
What form would I look for in Indiana? I was told form st108e but there is no exemption that applies on the form.

**EDIT** Found the form for Indiana, for those interested it’s form st135. The Illinois form is easy to find, it kept popping up on my searches. If you live in another state search “rolling stock sales tax exempt” for your state. Thanks chamberpains for your help.
Florida is a weird tax state for rolling stock. We only get partial exemption based on the percentage of miles driven in the state.
I think that’s because in every state there is no exemptions for intrastate. So if most of your miles are in state, you’re not going to get any/most of the tax break.
Possibly. Way it was explained to me is if I'm interstate but 10% of my miles are I. The state then I only get 90% deduction and it's extra paperwork to get it. Being the majority of my parts are ordered online I rarely pay state sales tax anyway.
I was mainly talking about paying sales tax on the purchase of a tractor. From what I understand intrastate use is not exempt.
Nobody is exempt from sales tax unless you're a farmer or live in Montana where they don't charge tax on a vehicle to businesses. I'm not aware of other state's that don't.
Tractor and/or trailer purchase/parts rolling stock tax exempt forms

Indiana https://forms.in.gov/Download.aspx?id=2596

Illinois https://www2.illinois.gov/rev/forms/sale.../rut-7.pdf
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