<tree98> What do mean by "clean" it ?
<Rawze> you don't... you throw away the paint brush when done & wipe the lid of the can off w a touch of acetone on paper towels until there is no more on the lip/lid...
<Rawze> and pray like h#ell you can get the can open again the next time youneed some... cuz it will weld the lid shut permanently otherwise.
<Mrkentee> I hear that. Or if you get it on something it’s hard to get off. They have a cleaner supposedly.
<Yauchout> Someone hit the lonestar while I was in a dock door last night they were trying to do a u turn
<Rawze> well that sux
<Yauchout> Your telling me.. that Magnum trailer moose guard mangled pretty bad but probably saved the hood
<iamjeanpaul7> Running Rough
<smorgan87> How the hell does somebody wear a clutch this bad in 250k miles?!
<Rawze> a sign of a severely abused truck... that's how.
<Mrt800> Where’s the best location to prime oil system post bearings install?
<Rawze> I use the large bypass valve fitting above the oil filter housing and an electric pump.
<Rawze> as shown at 1:50 in this video... https://odysee.com/@rawze:d/isx-engine-r...be-turbo:5
<smorgan87> Does anyone actually spend hundreds of dollars on these "truck mattresses"?
<Rawze> lol. the website ran out of HDD space and crashed. Had to off-load some older backups and free it up. Looks like it is working again though.,
<tree98> I thought maybe you had to push the panic button
<Yauchout> i dont know what truck mattress your referring to smorgan i spent several hundred on mine but its just a Sealy twin xl memory foam
<smorgan87> I see these fancy truck mattresses at the dealers and big truck stips for 500 bucks and up seems ridiculous
<smorgan87> I bought a $130 12" memory foam on amazon thats far more.comfy than the expensive ones ive sat on.
<Yauchout> Been having trouble with my air conditioner freezing up this year already you think I'd be stupid if I just replaced all the sensors high pressure low pressure thermistors and called it fixed
<Rawze> A/C freezing up is usually low refrigerant problems, air flow problems (clogged evap or filters, blend doors,etc.), or other mechanical issues.. not so much the sensors.
<Rawze> buy a new thermister as a spare ... check its resistance at room temp with cheap ohm-meter.... then check the one's on the truck while its sensors are at room temp... see if readings are fairly close.. or if they are reading somethng whacky like half as much, or double..etc..
<Rawze> The high pressure sensor is not the culprit of freezing issues. It is only used to control engine fan and prevent over-pressure.,
<Yauchout> I vacked and refilled the freon and it still freezes up The clutch never cycles off anymore Just runs and runs and runs until it freezes up then I turn it off and let it defrost a little while
<smorgan87> Your txv may be stuck.
<Mrkentee> Anybody use Dayco belt tensioner? Pulley looks like plastic, not metal.
<smorgan87> I havent but if its not plastic id give one a shot. Didnt know an aftermarket was available for em.
<smorgan87> Big shout out to the foreign fella that didnt speak English but understood "wrench"! Thanks!
<Ibanes> cummins isx15 injector test
<BigRigTrux1125> Hello To All ! I have a 2011 Cummins ISX all the sudden the idle went up to 1000 RPMs and it’s surging with loss of power to . Any ideas ? Thanks
<smorgan87> Prolly wanna start a new post for that. Include truck, engine (871/2250?) Demandated or stock?
<CLLKStrans> Bypass
<CLLKStrans> 2013 t660 cm2250 wondering what everything thinks about adding a oil bypass filter
<Rawze> bypass oil filter article: http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...617#pid617
<Heritage23> Changed turbo and engine brake not working in high any help would much be appreciated
<tree98> Start a thread
<smorgan87> Any suggestions on how to get a kingpin lock off my wagon. Left my key at home. 180 miles away.
<Rawze> king pin lock is a joke. Pry down medium force with large screw driver. smak the king pin opposite of the locking pin w 5 lb hammer real hard. Pin inside it will bounce and it will drop right off.
<smorgan87> Interesting.
<smorgan87> Was thinkin along the lines of drilling the lock mechanism
<smorgan87> Ended up drilling the lock out. Broke a bit and trashed the lock but oh well.
<Rawze> The trick I mentioned also works well if u execute it right. I've had to do it at least a dozen times in the past to company trailers that company drivers put locks on they are were not supposed to.
<Rawze> one place i contracted to, the company drivers kept putting king pin locks on the empty trailers at a remote drop lot so that they would not have to go run around and find one (against company policy).
<Rawze> I got kinda good at it. Company driver would come back later to find king pin lock laying on the ground and still locked...lol
<smorgan87> I didnt have a big enough prybar or screwdriver. I tried whackin it with a hammer first.
<Kryptic361> finally posted a thread about my trucks issues im kinda at a loss on it now. and this rent a truck and down time is really cutting into the profit margins haha
<suined> Coolant level voltage
<Boethel> Tools
<Wright_Info_Reader> L1o cummins
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