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Cascadia 2012- blinking LED's - swenlarson - 04-02-2021

Hi all,

Have a 2012 Cascadia.

Two LED's at battery disconnect switch are blinking rapidly- so fast they almost look to be on steady. Truck has TWO PNDB modules- both of these have LED's that blink about every 1/2 second steadily with disconnect switch turned on.

Truck wont crank over, most functions in cab not working- low beams will come on and cab marker lights will come on. Other than that it is mostly dead....

Any hints or tips and tricks?


RE: Cascadia 2012- blinking LED's - uncleal13 - 04-03-2021

Lots of YouTube videos for PNDB module problems. Easy to change. Can also be the cutoff switch itself.