EGR Delete Info -- Educate yourself
03-23-2018, (Subject: EGR Delete Info -- Educate yourself ) 
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RE: EGR Delete Info -- Educate yourself
(03-23-2018 )iHaul Wrote:  Hi All, First Posting.

I read this posting with great interest, and enjoyed all of it, the positives and negatives.

I agree whole heatedly with Rawze.

As a mechanic, I would also add more frequent oil and filter changes to help lower the rubbish content that get circulated in the combustion process.

I currently am driving a 2017 Mercedes MP4 Actros Euro 6 ( Add Blue ) Inline 6, 510hp.
I am blown away by the service schedule Daimler, Chrysler have allocated this truck.
At 40,000k, Check the lights are working ( Saftey Check )
At 80,000k, change the oil and filters.

My personal oil changes on my Cars ( Petrol and Diesel ) are at 5,000k or 6 months.
When I get my Truck, it will be every 20,000k. ( As I can change it myself )
And the cost will only be around $250 AUD.
Diesel in Australia is $1.38 per LITRE. ( Around $5 per gallon ! )
On average, and Aussie truck gets 1.7 > 2.5 Kilometres per Litre.
Pulling B-Doubles the lowest.

Oil never wears out, it just gets dirty.
The thicker it gets with rubbish, the harder it is for the crankshaft to slice through it on EACH rotation ( Like dragging a stick through the water from the bank, the faster you go, the more drag it has ) This cost in HP and Fuel. Also adding the rubbish to the cylinder wall on each stroke of the piston.

Well thats my 2 cents :)

At the bottom of this post, I describe my recommendations to others on oil change intervals...

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