Electrical problems
11-14-2019, (Subject: Electrical problems ) 
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RE: Electrical problems
(11-14-2019 )Delly876 Wrote:  Electrical problem

I'm a owner operator for 3 years in Canada, I have run into a real bad issue with my truck. It's a 2008 international 990i, with a isx engine, "mandate". The issue is! The truck keep shutdown sporadically when driving. The gauges will go in the 360 degree position, and stick there, untill you cycle the ignition switch. All the light in the dashboard will quickly turn off in the process, but within couple seconds will gain back current, And you can start back the truck immediately.

I have take this truck to several Mechanic shops including the dealer to have it repaired, they can't fix the problem, leave me into thousands of dollars in repair depth.

Some of the parts they change.
Fuel sensor
3 different ECM
Ignition switch
Battery terminals. Ect.

When they connect there computer to the truck the reading that the computer gives! Lost of ignition source to ECM. Thx.

The problem started when my alternator wire break off, the shop sader back the wire to the alternator. From then my truck is broken. I need your help to get this truck restore.

I had a bunch of these same issues, I changed my engine harness out and it fixed 95% of my problems

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RE: Electrical problems
Isn’t there a mega fuse somewhere. I would be changing that. Volvo has one. Also I had a international cab over flat floor that had a mega fuse blow on me once. They can crack and not be connecting good. 150 amp fuse or so.
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RE: Electrical problems
I 2nd Waterloo. The starter has a solenoid on top of it. It is used as a junction point. Take the nut off. Be careful, cleaning what threads you can see with a brush will help. There will be several wires besides the battery cable. They may look fine but the terminal ends can be bad. Taking them off and looking is the only way to know for sure. One of those wires will be a cab power feed. From there to the ignition switch. Problems there same as turning off the key. Interesting code. On NAV ECM's loose of the ignition power just shuts it off and leaves no codes. Maybe Cummins gets switched power on more than one input. Engine harness can be an issue. Guy I know went thru that. I'll see if he remembers detail. Moonshine degrades his memory. Post your VIN. Might be able to link you to a wiring diagram.
04-18-2021, (Subject: Electrical problems ) 
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RE: Electrical problems
If you get a SPN 91 (APP code) on a 2011 International Prostar with a Maxxforce 13, this was my problem incase somebody runs into this...

I pulled off the most rearward connector on what i believe to be the Fuel Control Modual (Behind the fuel filter housing) NOT the ECM.
I soaked the pins with electrical contact cleaner and blew off with compressed air and cured the spn 91 problem. Iam missing my little black plastic splash shield in front of the connector and recently washed the engine, Iam guessing there was some corrosion on the tiny pins as they are so small it is hard to see.
 Thanks given by: JimT

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