Cascadia cab blower motor
02-27-2020, (Subject: Cascadia cab blower motor ) 
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RE: Cascadia cab blower motor
(02-26-2020 )bwake Wrote:  
(02-26-2020 )sprayerman Wrote:  
(02-25-2020 )bwake Wrote:  Check the blower motor relay in the dash and make sure that it's functioning properly. Pins 85 and 86 will be the coil side which is going to be controlled by the switch. Pin 30 will have constant power and 87 will be the switched power going to the motor. A simple check is to jump across pin 30 and 87 and see if you now have power at the motor. If 30 has power and jumping to 87 still gives you nothing at the motor, you're going to need to check your blower motor relay which will be in the duct work just after the blower motor.

Can you tell me where the blower motor relay is? Also does anybody have a wiring diagram for the cord end that plugs into the motor?

Scratch all the prior info, didn't look at the year and none of that applies to your truck. For some reason I can't attach the wiring diagram so I'm going to do my best to explain it here:

Power feeds from the cabin HVAC control panel through wire #98 (lt blue pin 4), ground (black pin 5), and ignition power #81c (pink pin 6) these are what feed the Sam Cabin Module (pins 3, 14 and 10).

Sam cabin module sends 12v through wire 98f (lt blue, pin 4) and ground (black, pin 2) directly to the blower motor plug.

The other 2 wires going to the blower motor come from HVAC control panel which are wires 338m (pin #23) which is the blower diagnostic wire and 338h (pin #24) which is the blower speed control.

Ok now that's all making more sense to me. I appreciate the help and I think I finally got it figured out. It's about gotta be the blower motor. I do have power to it. This whole time my fluke meter was only working right about a third of the time. I was chasing a problem I didn't have. Haha. Sorry for all the confusion.


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