HP Increase
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HP Increase
Ok, I know there is more to just increasing HP and that there are thousands of other thing that need to talk to but I am curious to know what this engine could be safely tuned to

Marketing Model Name Service Model Name EPA Model Name
ISX15 450 ISX15 CM2350 X101 ECEXH0912XAT

Shop Order Build Plant Build Date

Warranty Start Date ECM Code Fuel Pump Part #
28 Jul 2014 EF10054 4307700

Fuel Pump Calibration Marketing Engine Configuration # Technical Engine Configuration
P912 D103012BB18 D103012BX03
CPL # 3937

I do plan on visiting someone to de-mandate and custom tune not just turn it up with a file but I still want to know.
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RE: HP Increase
ISX safely 400-600HP 1500-2050 torque for on-road applications anything above the needed HP/TQ to do the job you want the truck to do is a decrease in the lifetime in the engine.

could a 600HP/2050TQ last as long as a 450/1750 well yes it depends on how often that 2050tq is used to move the vehicle and how often that torque happens in lower rpms.

im sure if you asked the big guy he would say he could make a 450HP engine last just as long as a 600HP because he knows exactly how and when to use those power levels.

if you just set the cruise and roll the 450 should outlast a 600 day after day.

my T680 is set at 450/1750 and it does everything i ask of it in the 80,000 gross weight class. i dont need to be the first accross the intersection nor to the top of the hill.

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RE: HP Increase
program EF10054 has the following features ...

advertised as a 450HP at 1650 ft.lbs torque.

- Actual power is set for 1650 ft.lbs.. Actual HP crests at 490HP at 1600 RPM though.

power/ramp/rate limiters ...

1. (Ramp up/down rate limiting based on engine acceleration noise) = active

2. (After-treatment unit torque limiting) = clamped to 2150 ft.lbs (this is considered inactive).

3. (Anti-Theft/engine lock-out power limiting when Anti-theft is active) = limits engine to 50% output power when active.

4. (Altitude based fuel limiting tables) = all are active but set slightly above the 450hp/1650 ratings.

5. (Fuel limiters for individual injection pulse cycles) = all are active but set slightly above the 450hp/1650 ratings.

6. ( Dynamic Torque Reduction) = Active. Is set to clamp the engine to no more than 14.7 ft.lbs per second ramp up/down rate limiting. This setting helps clamp sudden torque changes to help save fuel by reducing the response rate of the engine.

7. (Engine Overload Protection Limiter) = Inactive.

8. (Power Train Protection Limiter) = Inactive.

9. (Fuel Rate Limiter) = Active.

10. (greenhouse Gas speed/power limiter) = Inactive.

11. (Gear-shift torque limiter) = Inactive. Is not available in the CM2350 model engines.

12.(Integrated Fuelling Control solenoid total on-time limiter) = active (but set higher than the 450/1650 power/torque rating).

13.(Load Based Speed Control Torque limiter) = Active (most truck owners absolutely hate this limiter, as it holds the engine back quite a lot in lower gear ranges).

14.(Machine Torque limiter) = Active.

15.(Smart Torque Limiter) = Inactive.

16.(Smart Torque2 Limiter) = Inactive.

17.(User Selected Fuel economy Power curve Limiter) = Active.

16.(Machine Mass Estimation Manager / road-steepness Limiters) = Active

18.(Oxygen Fuel Control / Fuel-Air-Mix fuel-Limiter) = Inactive.

19.(Operating Zone Limiter) = Inactive. Is not available in the CM2350 model engines.

20.(Predictive Cruise Control Power curve Limiter) = Inactive.

21.(Road Speed Control Limiter) = Active.

22.(Gear Down Protection Limiter) = Active (most truck owners hate this to be active, makes truck feel weak in lower gear ranges).

23.(Cummins Inpower Torque limiting options Power vs. Fuel economy Power curve limiter) = Set to "Max fuel mileage" instead of "Max performance". - "Max fuel mileage" is the most restrictive setting possible, however it does help in saving fuel.

24.(Smart Road-Speed-Governor Limiter) = Inactive.

25.(Turbo Fuel Control fuelling-Limiter) = Inactive.

26.(Vehicle Acceleration Rate Limiter) = Inactive.

27.(Vehicle Speed Sensing no-load RPM Limiter) = Inactive.

28.(Engine Warm-up Protection Power curve Limiter) = Active.


Besides the actual torque/power settings, the items listed above and settings are what is seen in in the EF10054 program from the factory to limit torque, fuelling, power, ramp up/down rates, etc.

Also, I only know of maybe about 2 people on planet earth (besides myself) that could properly and effectively adjust all of these 28+ features on the fly individually without mucking up the rest of the programming into oblivion. Some settings are obvious, some are in Insite... but a lot of them are obscure in the programming, and you have to know exactly where to look to find them. Most these so-called delete shops never even heard of most of this stuffs, nonetheless could find much of any of it in the programming. That is how truly clueless they really are.

After taking a hard look at what is active, it is clear that some if not all of what your considering "weak" may simply be some of these limiters getting in the way of performance... all at the saving of fuel, like a mega-fleet-spec'd programmed truck would be. Remove most of them and you will see your performance go up, but it will also cost you more fuel to get it there. Need to keep that in mind.. nothing in the avenue of "increased performance" is free... it always costs you more fuel to get better performance.

How can someone know what they want turned on or off if they have no clue what is actually in the programming?.

I thought I would list them all here just for reference and for conversation purposes.

The official MM (non-public) versions of the demandate program overlays for the CM2350, and for the X15, (version 2021c or higher) turns all 28 of these features to "Inactive" and/or to "Max Performance" as their new defaults. Most truck owners when asked, want all this stuff turned off and would rather have the response and performance increases. It puts efficiency and performance back in the hands of the driver via their right foot and driving by their boost gauge... like on older model engines that did not have these features.

When they are all off, it is noticeable right away, even without any actual power/torque increases. At the same time however, for those people who tend to pushing their accelerator pedal harshly, instead of gently, they all usually complain that fuel mileage fell off a bit. - This is because it takes more fuel to get better performance out of any engine, it is simple physics.

#isx ramp rates, #isx load based speed control, #isx smart torque, #isx slow acceleration, #isx feels weak

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RE: HP Increase

I agree. I havent purchased the truck yet so I don't even know how it pulls. I'm an old cat guy use to driving by the Pyro and my right foot so I would definitely want them all off. I'm definitely going to de-mandate it and was just wondering if it was able to go to 5-525 hp with the internals it has. I read your post about all the other 12k+ items that go along with it as well.
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RE: HP Increase
(04-11-2021 )Wren Wrote:  was just wondering if it was able to go to 5-525 hp with the internals it has

I don't know the particulars for the 2350's and I don't have access to those manuals on quickserv. But for my 2250 there are a few internal components that are different from the factory for applications over 500HP, including a different oil cooler (more copper plates vs less steel plates). I would do a little research on the internal components before deciding on programming. As a side note however I found that my engine, a cm2250 450st, was built with all the components of a factory 500+ hp engine (in my case that included oil cooler, pistons, and liners). Unfortunately I'm not sure if there's any way to verify the parts without taking things apart. I didn't know until disassembly during my inframe.

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