2015 ISX15 high oil temperature
04-17-2021, (Subject: 2015 ISX15 high oil temperature ) 
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2015 ISX15 high oil temperature
Hello Everyone,

I have a 2016 Kenworth T880 with a ISX15, a few months back i had some issues with coolant and oil and was getting a small amount of oil in the coolant and a code for coolant in the exhaust filter, it is using around 1-2 gallons of coolant and sometimes a gallon of oil each day & the other day while driving I noticed the oil temperature was a little higher than 250 ? I had the truck checked by Kenworth and was told there was nothing wrong. I haven’t noticed oil in the coolant or coolant in in the exhaust in a couple months however there is a different driver driving it for the past two months and not as aggressive of a driver.
At first I thought it might be a EGR cooler but that would not explain oil in the coolant, Kenworth checked the oil cooler and said it was good. I can see the oil temperature around 230-240? And after pulling over it did cool down. I’m thinking a EGR cooler and a oil temperature sensor?
04-17-2021, (Subject: 2015 ISX15 high oil temperature ) 
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RE: 2015 ISX15 high oil temperature
Oh boy, I don't know where to begin here.....
First off, how was it determined you were getting oil in the coolant?

If you're using 2 gallons of coolant and 1 gallon of oil EVERY DAY you are in serious trouble man!!

Your dpf is likely ruined at this point from the coolant washing away the precious metals in it. Also must be a LOT of oil residue on the dpf(or maybe it'sall over the engine from blowby?), I can't believe this thing has been able to regen for quite a while.
Has it been asking for a parked regen?

250 degree oil temp and kenworth says that's normal?? Yea ok I guess I'm not surprised they would say that but it's definitely not normal, it's a sign of high friction somewhere.

This engine obviously has been neglected and now you have all these problems that might or might not be related.

I would start by pressurizing the cooling system to 20 psi let it sit overnight and fix all the external leaks, while your at it drop the pan and look for coolant running down the cylinder walls on one or more cylinder's from bad injector cups.

How many miles on this engine? While the pans off you need to roll in new bearings if your at 800K or more.

Pull the dpf and doc, post pictures of the faces here so we can see if theres evidence of oil or coolant, then you can take them to get baked and flow tested, while they are off start the truck and see if it's burning oil and smoking badly.

I'm sure your due for an overhead adjustment as well as an EGR tuneup, Rawze has videos on both at the top of the screen.

You have some work to do if you want to straighten this thing out, and don't rely on the kenworth stealer to get it right because all they'll do is drain your wallet. Your other option is drive it/tow it down to Mr Haggs shop in GA. if you want it done correctly by pros.

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04-17-2021, (Subject: 2015 ISX15 high oil temperature ) 
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RE: 2015 ISX15 high oil temperature
What kind of miles are on that truck? In addition to what tree98 said above:

2016, I'm assuming that's a cm2350, so has the fuel pump ever been opened up to inspect the head, plungers, tappets and cam? They are a known source of engine damage and complete failure after about 400,000 miles.

It's possible you have an issue with your oil cooler. Could be clogged up with debris (especially if your fuel pump internals are chewed up).

Excessive soot build up in the oil and/or extended oil drain intervals could have accelerated wear on the bearings and cam leading to increased friction and more possible debris collecting in the oil cooler.

Excessive blow-by could also be adding more heat from combustion directly to the oil.

Also, has this truck had any custom tuning? Was the HP and/or torque increased? That could lead to higher oil temps too.

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