Throw out bearing replacement
06-09-2021, (Subject: Throw out bearing replacement ) 
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Throw out bearing replacement
So lately I started to get rattle in my clutch pedal and noticed that I am getting throw out bearing ratting noise when I engage the clutch. Truck is a 2011 Volvo VNL 300 day cab 2250 10 speed with 715,000 miles

Figured it was due for a clutch replacement with the mileage. Climbed underneath the truck today and pulled the inspection cover off and was surprised to see it was a REMAN easy pedal manual adjust clutch. The rear engine mounts are in great shape as they look like they were replaced also. No rear structure leak either. I have not had one issue with clutch engagement and I am getting in and out of gears just fine. With it being a remand clutch it is pointing me that it was recently replaced.

I’m going to have to pull the transmission to fix the throw out bearing. My question is am I able to replace just the throwout bearing? Or is it gonna be a new clutch job again? I’ve been looking on the inter-webs tonight and have not found a whole lot of info about throw out bearing replacement. Which is pointing me to the latter.

One more thing I am not sure why the throwout bearing went to hell. Could’ve been from poor installation or never the previous owners never greasing it after replacement. I have always kept it greased myself.

06-10-2021, (Subject: Throw out bearing replacement ) 
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RE: Throw out bearing replacement
The throw out bearing is a part of the clutch. You will be replacing the clutch to replace it. A rattle alone is not a good enough reason to pull the clutch. Make sure all the clutch linkages are in good shape and lubed up. Also make sure the clutch fork cross shafts are lubed. If everything is tight and lubed then look into pulling the clutch. I had a pilot bearing go out on my international 9400i that made a constant rattle for many miles. Someone didn't replace it or installed it wrong when they put the last clutch in. This was yet another costly mistake that I paid a shop good money for.
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