New truck demandated file
07-05-2021, (Subject: New truck demandated file ) 
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New truck demandated file
Hello everyone, I am new and still learning how to demandate. When I say rookie, I mean ROOKIE.

First thing first, I just bought a 2012 KW T660. I bought it from a friend because it was a deal and I know what was done to it. I has 500k on it and its already demandated, though I know its a bad demandate. This engine was completely overhauled at 4xx,xxx (not sure exactly when but, late 2019 early 2020). Full overhaul including cylinder head, rockers, injectors, injection pump, gear pump, fuel lines, radiator, etc. The guy that owned it really takes care of his stuff.

My old truck is a 2012 with the same CPL, so I compared files. I had the same CL10138 file in both. My old truck was originally a 10135 and the KW is a 10136. Going through the file, it appears to me they changed things until they got the check engine lights off. They didn't even turn the smart torque off, nor did they raise the turbo krpm limit. They didn't change hardly any thing other than the emissions things. The vgt llim table looks very guessed and basic. Also I have already noticed it probably is going into different operating modes as sometimes when you start it the vgt spools real high and other times it doesnt. I can tell its being derated but, there are no engine lights or codes. The truck got a new ecm because there was an issue and it didnt have a tag on it. I just looked up the CL on quickserve. I know the 10135 and 10138 are compatable, with the exception of turning off smart torque. Not sure about the 10136.

I know just enough to get into trouble. I can change very limited amounts of things. The file i have in my truck was made by someone on here and I know its a good file. I have also studied hard enough and learned enough from talking to a guy on here, that I can tell this tune needs changed for me to have this thing last. My old truck is a Cascadia and I know that airflow through the cac is different on the two. I am not going to flash a file into the KW without consulting one of you experts on here. As I said, I'm a rookie and I want this truck to last me a while.

If anyone would be so kind to take some time to look at this file, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, old truck is manual and new one is Auto. I know there is one parameter I could find that selected the transmission. There has to be more differences that just that one parameter.

2013 KW T660
CPL 3719
CL10136 (currently CL10138.37)
07-05-2021, (Subject: New truck demandated file ) 
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RE: New truck demandated file
---Assuming you live in a foreign country where that stuff is ok to do...

* Bad program in ECM needs to be backed up using CT software... this way you have it in case a truck-specific/dash setting gets lost, though otherwise its useless.

* Doing an ECM Backup and ECM Template with Insite to save all the truck specific settings.

* ECM needs to be flashed back 100% factory to latest file for that engine and truck according to the engine ser# .. (DO NOT UP-RATE IT BY USING A DIFFERENT PROGRAM) ... from cummins/stealers$it... all dash and truck settings restored. Taking ECM off side of engine and taking it to have bench flashed at a stealers$it for few hundred bucks is easiest solution for most ppl.

* (only if the settings get lost) -> Doing an ECM Template Restore with Insite to restore all the truck specific settings.

* Engine needs to run on the newly flashed factory program for 10 minutes (at least key-on anyways) so that it can re-establish all the correct ram memory settings. ... does not matter if it has emissions codes.

* The new factory program can then be pulled out with CT ... and overlayed with a decent de-mandate. It being a CM2250, the Africa overlay is free, on internet. It can be used to de-mandate it.. however i recommend you send whatever result it makes to me for verification it is correct and so that it can be updated, etc... so that you know its safe. Applyng any power/torque changes as desired while it is being inspected.

* Ensuring all the exhaust is properly hollow to the bare metal including SCR 100% gutted too.

* Ensuring block plate is installed to prevent EGR into intake.

* Putting the file back in and test driving the vehicle to ensure boost is not excessive under full operating load.

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