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(03-12-2018 )Chamberpains Wrote: [ -> ]
(03-11-2018 )dhirocz Wrote: [ -> ]I've been able to save an extra $200-300 a week doing this so far. I have to admit, it's a pain in the ass in the mountains though.
Unless I'm going down a steep hill, I tend to scrub off speed when I'm OOG. I'm thinking the trailer hub's are set kind of tight as it varies with which trailer I'm pulling. I've been trying to lightly press the gas going downhill lately...with the routes I run I'm kind of hesitant to go OOG while loaded.
I need to get these M726's off my truck and go to something like an M710.

I think your gonna find it's the rolling resistance holding you back when OOG (out of gear) if the trailer tires aren't fully inflated or yes those m726's are bad I just jumped to the m710's and now when I'm OOG I don't sluff of speed as rapidly. I used to get speed reduction on slight hill declines because of high rolling resistance and had to keep it in gear and actually drive it down the hill! Now it's maintaining speed easy OOG. It's a very noticeable difference.

When you slow down in speed another thing I noticed trucks don't really pass you all that fast on the hills, we all basically pull hills slow and on a long pull I'm last up it but really not by much. I see mostly guys flying by me on the flats (in my opinion, the easiest place to get fuel mileage). This is where the hammer dicks grab their radio muscles and usually scream all kinds of lovely names at me. "Rookie" and "stupid steering wheel holder" have been the newest and most popular lately. I've been at this 12 years and to battle these guys I ALWAYS win the argument by grabbing my CB radio muscle and turning it off and continue smiling while counting the money I'm putting in my bank account.
Hammer down driver!! hahaha

I was on I-65 just out of Dodge City, Al and headed to Birmingham...empty. I was climbing a hill and was in 8th gear and went through the same CB battle. LOL, the guy said my truck should be taken off the road!!! I explained to him what I was doing and yeah, he was a super trucker and yeah, I've been driving for 23 years now. I also explained to him that once he becomes a "real trucker" and buys his own truck, he'll drive a lot different but he was just in a bad mood so I just turned my radio off.
Rawze, thanks for this info. While I'm not really able to "calculate" my mpg, I use the fuel miser in my truck which gives some surprisingly accurate results. I never get the same amount of fuel or fill up to a certain level due to weight issues. We get a bonus IF we haul an average number of standard cubic feet in the cryogenics industry so I'm constantly fluctuating with my fueling. The accuracy debate is a non-issue for me because while I'm depending on electronics for my results, the alternative is that I seriously doubt we can use pinpoint accuracy to determine the exact same amount of fuel...each and every time. At any rate, I use the fuel miser primarily to gauge my driving habits as well as determine my overall mpg. It most definitely shows up at the end of the week. Pulling hills on US 82 from I-55 in MS, I averaged 8.125 loaded. BTW, I thought I was the only one who ran OOG. Nice to know I have friends. :oh:
Pretty awesome rawze
I leave the CB off for the most part. I turn it on when I need it. If I need to listen to something I have XM. At least that way I can control the riff raff on the radio without it taking my mind off what matters...without letting some prick turn my drive into a big cock waving dickfight.
Rawze...I definitely try to do all these things even in a carhauler. I get so much flack from other guys when I tell them how much I coast it's insane. Haha. I love it when they tell me its bad for the transmission, then I ask then whats bad? Shifting?? I do that all day either way hahahaha. Seriously, you guys have helped me beyond belief and my fuel bill shows it!
(10-10-2019 )Beaver Wrote: [ -> ]Rawze...I definitely try to do all these things even in a carhauler. I get so much flack from other guys when I tell them how much I coast it's insane. Haha. I love it when they tell me its bad for the transmission, then I ask then whats bad? Shifting?? I do that all day either way hahahaha. Seriously, you guys have helped me beyond belief and my fuel bill shows it!

I am pushing 1.3 million on my tranny at this point. Never been touched on its insides with the exception of only an inspection at 1.03 million when clutch was replaced. Still feels like a fairly new and tight when shifting it compared to most other trucks. I run 75/90 oil in it. - Still waiting for what may be going bad because of driving it in neutral its whole life. Qualcomm (been in the truck since truck was brand new) still says it has only been in top gear 14.7% in 1.3 million miles. - it is a 10-speed eaton tranny, truck has 3:55 rears.

-- When it finally does start to fail, I will post pictures of what wore out.

in the mean time, here is that original post: http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...8#pid12058
Since the in frame, and all of the effort put into rebuilding that motor in Rawze's driveway, no more cruise control. I'm in the flat land normally, but relived my youth by taking a trip out West... It was ugly, the 3:42 gears ugly pulling those grades... If I ran my cruise, I would have cooked my motor.

And there was a comment regarding the CB radio, that is one thing I found troubling... I keep mine on, squelched, but on. I came crossed accidents, construction back ups, police, etc., and never a word. I drove across the entire state of Oregon, through Utah and Wyoming until I headed south on I-25 to Denver, my CB lit up 3 times.

I used to run coast to coast produce, I-80 and I-40, normally finding myself in Boston. Been out here 30 years, and I do not profess to be or know anything, I just know from what I have seen in these past two or three months, that something is amiss. The professionalisms is gone, and I know about CB Rambos and perverts, I turn mine off too.

The carnage out here is increasing, my insurance company and my own lying eyes have confirmed that. Turn the CB on, Don't be a victim.

I ran this road for roughly 5 years, we had accidents, but never like this... One after another, not one truck had a CB on, they were listening to XM or texting... This sheet never happened, not like this on a regular basis like it does today, this was never the norm, now it is.

the reason accidents like that happen.

1 - companys drivers and o/o feel the truck is big and bulky and dont figoure theyll get fataly hurt if they get in a wreck at higher travel speeds on unsafe conditions leading to no fear of the road creating increased low visibility speeds.

2 - company drivers arent out anything if they wreck the truck the company will just give them another leading to drivers not giving 2 shits about the equipment

3 - ELDs - nuff said. i love mine for ease of use but it makes you drive when your tired and supposidly sleep when your not. many changes need to be made here for responsible drivers and more severe consequences after those changes made for those who break the rules.

4 - shi#t companies having no compensation for drivers who can be stuck in trucks for days due to a storm....O/Os...well you took the risk of owning your equip and the consequences of it sitting. but company drivers are pushed by dispatch and their 10 penny paycheck to keep moving.
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