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Full Version: My transmission is going out.
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So i dropped my truck of monday at a shop, to put in the clutch i got last week. I was told by other truckers in my city that their is a guy who strictly rebuilds them or fixes them. I have heard nothing but praise from the truckers who got their transmission looked over by him.

Today i went over to meet him and see what he thinks of my transmission. It turns out that coolant leak i had wasnt going to the engine " GREAT!! ". It was actually leaking into the transmission this whole time ;(..... so he tells me that when coolant leaks into the transmission the bearings go out and get affected over time, when that happens everything starts to going out...

It would cost roughly 2k to get it fixed but it would cost me 3.8k for a rebuilt transmission from wellers for a 13 spd eaton fuller with a 2 year warranty.

So im going to get in touch with weller and see if they still have that transmission i need.

What acutally broke was the " Heater Core " if im not mistaken and it was leaking a lot of coolant into it. tho from what i could see, the transmission looks in decent condition for 1.3 million miles on it, clutch wasnt worn to bad and the clutch brake wasnt torn apart as i thought it was. I am really leaning towards the rebuilt transmission.

has anyone else had this issue? i am thinking of disconnecting that heater core and using a air cooler for the transmission oil.
That's exactly what happens. It's a heat exchanger, when I blows the pressure pushes coolant into the trans. Then over time it's bye bye trans. An air cooler completely eliminates this from being a possibility.
Get rid of that stupid needless coolant cooled trans cooler. Its more of a trans warmer than anything else. Coolant is always hotter than ambient air.
Go with the weller reman. Its already done and ready to go in when it arrives. Your guy starts tearing in and finding individual parts that need replaced and ordering them, thats where the problems start. They start showing up at different times or if they're on back oreder for weeks. Don't chance it. Get back up and running sooner.
So.... the transmission mechanic told me yesterday that it wouldnt be till saturday until he could get to working on my transmission. today i find out he is half done..... damn. so he figured its the easiest job hes got to do and might as well get it done with. i'm not mad or anything but at this point there isnt much i can do. just go with the flow and keep it moving!! hopefully she will hold up a year.

I am definitely going to trash that SOB of a cooler. it might work great for others and it might have been made to the best of its ability but its not good enough for me.

Man..... i sure bought a POS truck lol. This is a crash course on being a O/O that is for sure.

i hope everyone else here is having a better week then i am.
That crappy style of "uses coolant" trans cooler is one of the first things I point out for others to get rid of when they come visit and I look at their truck.
(09-27-2018 )Rawze Wrote: [ -> ]That crappy style of "uses coolant" trans cooler is one of the first things I point out for others to get rid of when they come visit and I look at their truck.

yeah i think this is one of the easier parts to get rid of, it might be in a awkward place but its not impossible. the shop told me that its inexpensive to change it out since the transmission is already down.
If it come down to it , (not I am not recommend it) , I would leave it there and just put new lines and air cooler on before I would run one of those ...
Just my mindless rant
so yesterday i called the shop to tell them im getting a weller transmission, instead of getting it repaired for 2k. they tell me that the guy already started working on it and had $800 in the transmission with parts.... since he was half way done apparently. i tell the shop to tell him to finish it since he says hes done half way with it.... they tell me to call the guy. so i call the guy all day long, then i call the shop to tell them that im not getting ahold of the guy. they said keep calling eventually he will pick up. So all day yesterday i call this guy to no avail, he doesnt pick up.

Today i get a call from the shop, they tell me the guy took everything off the transmission that he put in..... fucking great. the transmission was sent back to the shop, i call weller back and they tell me that transmission was sold already. i have to wait till Monday to get another transmission..... OMFG!!!!. This is absolutely dog shi#t man. i miss a week worth of work for shi#t like this, and then ill miss probably work till Tuesday or Wednesday.

I am really considering on looking for some land and build a work shop for my self....
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