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Full Version: Cummins ISX fault # 3697
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I have a fault code of 3697. I do have Cummins Insite updated. I have looked up this fault in Cummins Quick serve but have no idea of how to correct or fix this problem. I have a 2013 Pete with a Cummins ISX-15 2250. My insite is wireless to internet here in office(truck is parked 12 miles away) and I have ordered a usb modem to have the internet in the truck. All help is appreciated.
FAULT CODE 3697 -- Engine Control Module Calibration Memory - Bad Intelligent Device or Component

-- You have a ram memory vs. flash program mis-match. This is usually an indication of a corrupt program.

I.E.> Make an insite ecm image, then re-flash the ECU with a clean factory program that matches what the the ser# engine calls for on quickserv.

Restore and features and parameters/insite image to restore the settings for that make/model truck.

Crank it up and let the truck run for a good 10 minutes to re-build the ecu's internal ram data + re-establish cylinder balancing data, etc. before continuing on.

If the fault does not go away, maybe the ecm is going bad.
Thanks Rawze,
Pretty sure I don't know how to do what you are suggesting so Ill start by looking for instructions on using Insite. Once I get my laptop on line in the truck I may be able to use Team viewer to get some help.
Thanks Beau
Did you ever figure out what it was?
This issue happens to me when I plug in my Bluetooth adapter for my eld
(09-02-2020 )Heritage23 Wrote: [ -> ]This issue happens to me when I plug in my Bluetooth adapter for my eld

I've never heard of that one ... fault he has is related to a corruption of memory in the ecm. - You sure your bluetooth device does not have a virus on it that is trying to write data to the ecm?
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