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Full Version: 2250 Dreaded Fuel PUMP
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Looking for some Ideas - ISX 2250 the common 0559 Fuel Pump issue - Truck at idle would suddenly almost die completely and pick back up would occur every 6-7 Seconds

Ended up replaced entire Fuel Pump as Cam was eat up/etc - Complete new Pump had to change 2 fuel lines as is new design etc.

Once complete an idle no codes truck ran great , Test drive when accelerate it falls on its face and dies... Once again the dreaded 0559 Fuel Rail Pressure Mod / severe low ........

Not finding any leaks..... Ideas?
will it pass a fuel rail pressure test?

Did anyone check the front gear train and drop a main bearing to see how extensive the damage from the pump was? -- If not then for all you know, the new pump may be eaten up from all the metal shaving running around in the engine that the last pump left behind.

just the thoughts that run thru my head any ways.
Tried to Run Fuel PSI Test - and his clutch switch has failed so not letting me run test until i get switch to replace.... Unfortunately this truck has not been maintained.
Clutch switch in and failed
Levels out does not stay as steady as most i have seen fluctuates 28500 to 29700 psi

Drop off 9000 then 10000 psi in 60 seconds

Guess next step is by the book Fuel Pressure Test they are fun lol
Not maintained so probably sent trash into injectors and regulator
How far back does the fuel pump issue go? Is it 2250 only?
(10-18-2020 )DVT873 Wrote: [ -> ]How far back does the fuel pump issue go? Is it 2250 only?

2250 was the introduction of the high pressure systems with the pump. 2250 forward, and it is still an issue.
(10-18-2020 )DVT873 Wrote: [ -> ]How far back does the fuel pump issue go? Is it 2250 only?

Started with the switch to the high pressure common rail in the 2250, includes 2350 and most likely the current X15. As far as I understand it's all the same pump design, just the X15 isolates the oil circuit so when it fails it doesn't take out the rest of the engine.

OP: You're obviously working to find the source of the pressure loss, no real suggestions beyond the troubleshooting you're already working on. But beyond that, you (or the customer) need to consider the extended damage from the metal in the oil. Besides the fuel pump you have the oil cooler which can get plugged up. The overhead cam and rockers. The main bearings. Piston cooling nozzles. All the oil passages through the head/block, rods, etc... Also inspect the front gears as that's were the contaminated oil goes first.
How did cummins go about isolating the oil for the x15? Why doesnt the filter catch the shrapnel in the 22-2350 engines?
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