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Full Version: Super Duper Crankshaft
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Going in your new boat? ;-)
I wonder if they use a electric starter motor
(03-15-2021 )arch_stanton Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder if they use a electric starter motor

They probably use compressed air to start it like they do on ocean liners and cargo ships but I'm just guessing. That thing is much larger than your average ocean liner engine
Kick start?

Yach, theyre built for these new mega freighter ships.
I guess once the engine wears out or throws a rod they just scrap the whole ship. Doesn't look feasible to replace an engine.

I wonder what the dpf looks like? The urea tank must hold 20,000 gallons lol
If I remember correctly it idles at 16 rpm or some ungodly low rpm....definitely no high rip'em numbers
I'd like to see a demonstration on the injectors and the fuel injection process on this behemoth. How exactly do you get X amount of fuel to atomize and spread enough to have proper combustion in such a vast space? Just 1 huge injector? Or did they have to take a new angle?

I'll bet they learn a pile of insight in to the minutia of smaller engines by building these enormous ones. You can physically see every nook and cranny instead of relying solely on sensor feed back, theory and failure analysis. In my mind things that occur at 1x (size) should be amplified at 100x (size)

Very fascinating post.
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