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Full Version: ISX 871 SKIPPING
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2009 isx when I come to a stop it starts skipping not all the time. And not often. Truck runs and pulls fine. When this happ and I start to drive I see a puff of black smoke left behind me
check for leaky injectors.

I might be imagining things but I added some HOWS with my last fill and the skipping is less and infrequent...
Update I think I figured it out.
Ok hear is an update
I ran the last 2 days with the Jake off.
The violent skipping has stopped..so my Jake on 3 cylinders is a problem. Is that going to be the solenoid?
I still have an occasional skip at idle and when I accelerate I get a light puff of smoke wich leads me to belive i have a bad injector...
Update again
I did bubble test with key only. It failed on both banks so I decided to do a 6 pack. I also noticed some oil at the plug for the Jake and some frayed insulation on the wiring harness. So I ordered 2 Jake solenoids and a new harness. Waiting on them to arive.
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